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ATN Network | Redeemer | 2016​

Supporting Actress - Cousin Ann

Sparkle | 2016



Praise Team Member

Word Network | Word Network Church - with Lexi Allen | 2015-2016​


NyambeNicole Productions | Dear Future Husband | 2018​/2019

Lead Actress - Nicole

Finished Works Productions | When God Changed My Almost | 2018

Lead Actress - Macey

After God's Own Heart Productions | Azusa Street Revival | 2018​

2 Supporting Roles - Mother Miller/Jenny Moore

TJ Hemphill Entertainment | Perilous Times | 2017

Chorus Singer/Marketplace Actress

Finished Works Productions | Everybody's Preaching...But Who's Being Saved | 2015

Supporting Role - Mother Katherine Waters


The Heart of The City| 2010​


Training & Workshops

Let's Get To Work - Acting Class with Henri Franklin| 2018

About Me

La'Tia Davis is a professional Actress, Vocalist and Speaker dedicated to initiating change through her craft.  Although her theatrical and vocal training began at a young age, Davis first caught the attention of industry leaders as a background vocalist for many national artists such as Joseph Derrico & Latter Rain, LeAndria Johnson, William Murphy, James Fortune, and Ernest Pugh to name a few. Davis made a buzz from her breakout leading role in the hit stage play, "Dear Future Husband".

La'Tia birthed the #NOFRAUDLENTLIVING ministry, where she encourages the message, "Why live a LIE when you can live FREE". This movement was birthed out of the pain that she endured and experienced as a child and even through adulthood, where she lived life through the lenses of lies and trauma. She also started a sewing company “MadeByTLT” and became a seamstress/dressmaker during the 2020 pandemic where the tag line is “Covered in Beauty, Made in Prayer”. La'Tia believes that the garments that she makes should be inspired by God with YOU in mind.

La’Tia loves her family and takes joy in spending time with her 2 adult children, Caron and Damarr. She loves Christ with all her heart and relies on her intimate relationship with Him to lead and guide her, believing that faith, love, obedience, prayer, fasting, serving, and, remaining humble are the keys to any locked door. La'Tia is dedicated to the call of God on her life, and ministry as she serves at All Nations Worship Assembly in Chicago, Illinois where Brandon & Cristabel Clack are her leaders.

 Journey Music Studios | Vocal Training

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